Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moving is Tough

We sold our house this summer, which is always bitter sweet. Happy to sell and get started on a new house that will suit our family better, but super sad to leave our beautiful house and live in a rental.
Every thing went really well considering I had four little kids and one was brand new still.
Poor Peter though. He was so confused. He just sat by the window mad. He wouldn't talk about it or even accept candy from anyone. I felt so bad for him. He just sat there staring at all our stuff being moved out into a truck.
 Saralynn came over to babysit Alice. That was her only job, and she did awesome at it. I was so thankful to have her around to babysit!
 Then we had to spend a week at my parent's while we waited to get possession of our rental. During this time we were able to attend a big Palmer reunion, which was super fun for everyone.
The rental is TINY and grungy, but I keep telling myself I can do anything for a year. Many days I really wonder if this is true about myself. Peter has slowly been adjusting. Just over two months after the move, he is starting to become happier and doesn't ask when we are 'going back home' as much anymore. He sure had a lot of adjusting to do with a new baby and a new house all within 2 months. Everyone else seems to be adjusting well. Hattie hated her room for a while, until she told me she thought it was ugly. We hung up a few princess posters on the wall and got the clutter under control, and now she loves it again. Tanner and Peter were thrilled because they got to have a bunk bed and all the toys in their room. One thing is for sure, we will all be Very grateful to have our new house!

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  1. I love being an auntie! and in that picture with me and Alice I even have stickers on me haha