Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moving is Tough

We sold our house this summer, which is always bitter sweet. Happy to sell and get started on a new house that will suit our family better, but super sad to leave our beautiful house and live in a rental.
Every thing went really well considering I had four little kids and one was brand new still.
Poor Peter though. He was so confused. He just sat by the window mad. He wouldn't talk about it or even accept candy from anyone. I felt so bad for him. He just sat there staring at all our stuff being moved out into a truck.
 Saralynn came over to babysit Alice. That was her only job, and she did awesome at it. I was so thankful to have her around to babysit!
 Then we had to spend a week at my parent's while we waited to get possession of our rental. During this time we were able to attend a big Palmer reunion, which was super fun for everyone.
The rental is TINY and grungy, but I keep telling myself I can do anything for a year. Many days I really wonder if this is true about myself. Peter has slowly been adjusting. Just over two months after the move, he is starting to become happier and doesn't ask when we are 'going back home' as much anymore. He sure had a lot of adjusting to do with a new baby and a new house all within 2 months. Everyone else seems to be adjusting well. Hattie hated her room for a while, until she told me she thought it was ugly. We hung up a few princess posters on the wall and got the clutter under control, and now she loves it again. Tanner and Peter were thrilled because they got to have a bunk bed and all the toys in their room. One thing is for sure, we will all be Very grateful to have our new house!

Baby Alice Dress-up Time

I couldn't resist an afternoon of dressing Alice up and taking a tonne of pictures. She is just so stinking cute! 
 And, of course, Tanner couldn't resist getting in on some goofy shots.

 This little number was mine when I was a baby. My mom held on to two items from when I was a baby, and this was one of them.
 Hattie got in on a lot of pictures. She was so in love with Alice and wanted to help dress her, set her up, and smooch her the entire time. I sure love my two girls. Dang, they are so cute!
 ...and silly

 This is my blessing day outfit. It is so beautiful!
 And this is Alice's blessing day dress. Also beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Toe Fish

 This summer I tried to do something fun every day. We ended up at Park Lake a lot, Leth. spray park,  and other parks. We discovered that Coaldale had an awesome kiddy pool that the kids loved, so we went there several times too. Peter didn't like going in the water very much, so he would sit on the blanket with me and Alice a lot. So I would give him snacks. One day I gave him a big bag of fish, and this is what he did with them. Silly boy. He is usually grumpy around other people, so I love it when he can relax a little in public enough to be a happy two year old now and again.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tanner's 6th Birthday Party!!!

Tanner had an awesome Star Wars party this year!

 Party kids arrived and had fun just running around. I was taken off guard when they started asking me what activities I had planned for them. I thought they would just play for hours, however, just in case, I was prepared. After giving each of the kids a Star Wars mask we headed outside and they each got a section of the driveway to draw their version of Imperial Spaceships and other 'bad' things. Then the kids were given a bunch of water balloons to throw at their drawings to try erasing them off the driveway.
 Back inside, they were eager for the 'next game'. We got out some candy, and the kids took turns playing "Don't Eat Star Wars"
 Then, down into the basement to attach the Storm Troopers who were trying to take over our star ship. They loved this and would have stayed hitting their balloons with their glowing lightsabers for a long time.

 However, there was another attack in another area of the ship and each kid had to pass safely through the laser beams into Tanner's room to retrieve a balloon with a 'bad guy' from Star Wars on it and come back through the lasers. I thought I had done a hard maze, but they just cruised through it.
 Once all the kids were done, we were heading upstairs when I heard Peter scream out. I rounded the corner and found him completely bound in the strings. (this picture is after Saralynn had helped him out) I think he just tried crawling straight through it all until he couldn't move any further. Two-year-olds are smart :)
 Outside, the kids had to put on their masks in preparation for their final battle. They had to pop their balloons to destroy the bad guy and get their reward (more candy!!) I kept making them put their masks back on because I thought they looked so funny.
 Then onto cake!
 and presents!!
What a fun party! Tanner was great and I was happy to put all the effort in for his happy day. I also had a tonne of help from Saralynn and Shannon. Luckily, Alice slept through pretty much the entire thing!

Friday, September 28, 2012

And of course, a Wendorff Party

Grandpa was suppost to come over for a birthday Star Wars movie night, but he got tied up in Calgary, so he promised Tanner another party with icecream cake. Thanks Grandpa. So a few days later we headed out to Raymond for another party in the sun with cousins.
 I love that my kids were in full costume for the gifts and cake and didn't think anything of it!
Gifts were handed out with the classic spinning of the bottle.
 Tanner got lots of awesome gifts, but his favorite of the night was Auntie Saralynn's old camera. Lucky boy!

Scared to death!

I was at the kitchen table fully engrossed in what I was doing, when Hattie came to my side and called me. I turned around and my heart seriously stopped I was so scared. Honestly, who turns around and expects to see a face like this looking at them. Love it!

Tanner's 6th Birthday Day

Tanner turned 6 in style complete with blue pancakes for breakfast.

 Since his best buddies (his cousins) wouldn't be able to come to his party, we decided to have a little celebration on his birthday so they could come play. It was a gorgeous hot day, so we set up a slide and pool in the back yard, and they all played out there for hours. Cake was 'Rocket Popsicles'.
 After the novelty of the water wore off, the kids came inside and put on some starwars masks that Tanner and I made and fought with their glowing lightsabers. They loved it!

 It was sure funny seeing them in their masks, though I will admit the girls were the funniest to me. Fun day, fun party, fun friends!